Fabric face masks 

In these difficult times where social distancing and other means of protecting yourself and each other from the transmission of serious diseases, I got inspired by my home country The Czech Republic.  When only a few coronaviruses case were confirmed, the country amongst other measures instructed all people to wear homemade facemasks. Making and care guides were shared, including non-sew alternatives, the message enforced by media and celebrities and the whole country went in 3 days to 100% of citizens wearing facemasks or other face-covering in any public spaces.  A number of scientists and studies supported this approach, but most importantly, the figures speak for themselves. We can fairly say that the coronavirus has been kept under control so far much more effectively than in the UK and many other countries. I decided to design my own style of masks, taking into consideration various sources. I have been very busy with this venture and many customers are returning. 

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Product detail 


  • Outside: woven cotton or cotton blend 

  • Inside: cotton jersey 

  • round elastic to fit around the ears or back of the head (if requested) 



  • The pocket between layers for an optional filter to be inserted

  • Adjustable elastic 

  • Soft jersey lining with a tighter fit to give a snug contour

  • Washable in high temperatures, and suitable for ironing

  • Made to order, you can choose from a variety of fabrics.  


  • XS - toddlers, age 2 - 4 years

  • S- children, age 4 - 11 years

  • M - preteens, teens, adults (a majority of women) 

  • L - adults (a majority of men)



Care information 


Before use:

  • tie the elastic behind your ear securely to ensure a perfect fit

  • Trim spare elastic, leaving about 1/2"

  • Pull the elastic gently into the casing on the sides to hide it

After each use:

  • Wash in 60+ degrees with detergent, in a washing machine or by hand

  • Dry naturally

  • Iron (avoid the elastic) 


  • £5 per mask if you can collect in Sholing Southampton 

  • £6 per mask if postage is required. 

  • For orders of 10 or more mask, appropriate discount for P&P will apply and will be worked out individually

How to order

  • Click the link below to send me an email and I will get back yo you with the current choice of materials. 

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"I protect you, you protect me"

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