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Bridesmaids, Prom & Occasion

Why not treat yourself to a unique gown that is designed and made only for you.  You share with me your likes and dislikes and I sketch until we come up with the right look for you. I take your measurements and outline best fabric choices and embark on pattern-cutting and construction. A minimum of 2 fitting sessions will be necessary to ensure the perfect fit.   

For more information contact me via email or call for a chat to give you better idea. If you wish to book face to face 40 minute consultation the cost will be £20 payable upon booking, this balance will be subtracted from final price if we proceed.


Depending on the design, the fabric choice and consumption the price can vary dramatically. Starting price for bespoke gowns start at £350, cost will increase with complexity and fabric requirements.  

Casual wear & Costumes 

Costumes and casual wear...  such a broad area!  From party costumes, dance-wear to perfectly fitted coat or a blouse... Whatever your fashion needs, get in touch and together we come up with the perfect design.

The prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design and cost of materials. I charge £25 per hour of work. Most garments will require a minimum 1 day of work 

Fair deal!

Remember! My prices always reflect your order. You will be paying for my time, work and the materials, not for the occasion! 

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