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Bespoke Wedding Gowns  

It is a beautiful process having your wedding gown designed and made just for you. The opportunity to specify each element from the shape of the skirt, bodice, neckline, fastening to fabric, embellishment and colours make this time of your life extra special. You will not need any alterations because your dress will be fitter to your measurements. *

The usual time-frame for a wedding dress is 6-9 months, which allows for sourcing of materials and fitting sessions to accommodate your schedule. However, in the case of emergency, certain dresses can be made in 2 weeks if brides are flexible and my schedule permits. Please call to discuss. 

* Accurate measurements are taken and agreed at the beginning of the process and several fitting sessions will be scheduled to ensure perfect fit. However, all my brides are advice not to drastically change body shape during or after the dress has been made. It is important to time the dressmaking process well, ideally 3-4 months before the wedding. Minor weight change during the making will be accommodated during the early fittings.

If the bride drastically changes her body shape during or after the making process, any changes will be made at extra cost. It is necessary to highlight that some elaborate dresses might be extremely difficult or impossible to alter and integrity of the garment might be compromised. 

The time frame 

Price Guide

Initial 30 minutes consultation is free.  During this time we will discuss your dream gown, I will sketch a few designs based on your specifications and give you a rough price estimate. 

If you are happy with the outcome we will take more time refining your design, filling order form and taking measurements and deposit.  Alternatively, you can think it over in your own time and get back to me when you are ready.  

See below three price points that most wedding gowns made by myself will fall under. Please note that these are just guides and your gown will be priced individually before you place your order. All styles are made to your measurements and specification, the price differentiation merely reflects the number of hours required to complete the garment and the amount and cost of materials.

50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking, this will allow for the swift purchase of materials. I source materials through a number of suppliers, always looking for the best deal and quality. 

Boho / Festival / Beach / Farm & Retro style wedding gowns 

Prices range between £800-£1700

Dreamy styles with relaxed, whimsical feel for outdoor themed weddings with natural feel embellishments minimal or no corseting and train. Also, all dresses inspired by the retro styles of the last century in various lengths and cuts.

Fantasy / Whimsical / Historic / Costume / Princess style wedding gowns 

Prices range between £1300-£2500

When less is not more and your wedding day is styled to take everyone’s breath away.  For all uniquely inspired and challenging briefs. 

Complicated cuts with extensive consumption of fabric, elaborate hand embellishment, construction and reinforcement 

Modern and Minimal style wedding gowns 

Prices range between £800-£1700

Wedding gowns with contemporary feel from traditional shapes with the use of corsetry and hand embellishments to minimalist simplicity and sleek fabrication. 

Vintage Blank Stamp

First consultation is free 

Bespoke Wedding Accessories  

Make your wedding attire perfect and add bespoke or customised accessories that will compliment your gown and show your creative style.

From bespoke headpieces, veils, petticoats, cover-ups, hand or foot decorations to customised shoes, I will enjoy the challenge of making your look truly original.

Price Guide

All prices shown are a minimum charge estimated on the amount of work and materials required for the creation of basic accessories. More elaborate finishes or use of high-cost materials will lead to higher prices. Please arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your particular idea.

Custom-made Veils, plain with a comb:

Short style (Birdcage, Blusher, Shoulder) - £35

Medium length (Elbow, Fingertip, Knee) - £45

Long (Waltz, Floor) - £55

Very long (Chapel, Cathedral) - £65


- additional trims and embellishments such as beads, crystals, lace - will be priced depending on quantities and cost - individual price will apply.  


Customised shoe decoration

Starting from £20 for a touch of lace and beads 


Custom-made sash

Individual prices apply, the bride can choose from a variety of materials.  For example, tie ribbon with minimal crystal applique would start from £25, Chiffon tie with handmade flowers and individually applied beads might cost £95

Choose from:

Base material: ribbon, chiffon, taffeta or lace…

Back fastening: Tie or hook fasteners

Embellishment: lace, flowers, crystals, beads…


Custom-made cover-up

Individual prices start from £110


Basic, custom made from £120


For other unique accessories please contact me to discuss


For Commission of all garments and accessories, I require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, THAT WILL BE USED TO COVER THE COST OF THE MATERIALS. Customised items have to be paid in full upfront. 

Remember! My prices always reflect your order. You will be paying for my time, work and the materials, not for the occasion! 

Vintage Blank Stamp

Fair deal!

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