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Zaneta Burnett


Qualified (BA Hons in Fashion and Textile Design)
PGCE in Further Education 
L3 Diploma in Fashion Design and Illustration
Certificate in Fashion and Dressmaking 
Certificate in Textiles and garment construction 
20+ years of design, pattern cutting and dressmaking 
8+ years of teaching

About me

It has been almost 30 years since I made my first wedding dress. It was silver, it was majestic and it fitted perfectly my Barbie doll... well, maybe it was not that majestic, as I made the inside of the corset out of a yoghurt pot, but it is the creativity that counts, right?  And creativity is my life force. Since I can remember, I have been designing, creating and problem-solving, all consumed by the beauty of the human form and the endless possibilities of textiles. 


I graduated from all-girls college, learning many traditional construction skills but got lost a little on my way of becoming a grownup by getting an office job. My soul longed for an adventure and I left my home country - beautiful and mysteries Bohemia (Czech Republic) for a new adventure in equally beautiful and mysterious England.  As a fully-fledged adult, I spend a decade being a busy working mummy and a wife, whiles making little outfits again (for my two lovely daughters and also their dolls) whilst plotting my future as a designer/dressmaker. 


 When life allowed me, I returned to education and completed a few online-courses in fashion design, before embarking on a year course in Art & Design at Portsmouth University, followed by a degree in Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise. 

After my graduation, I volunteer in a couple of designer bridal studios, including bespoke bridal dressmaker, to gain more industry skills.  I worked as a freelance designer and became a Fashion Design Lecture.


All the experience and expertise put in one pot, with finally having space and time, I launched my own Bespoke Design and Dressmaking business in the historic city of Southampton.  Offering an intimate experience tailored to your needs from start to end, with affordable prices and flexibility, that will take the stress away from those special life moments such as wedding or prom. I also offer alterations and dressmaking services of any kind as well as a variety of creative courses. 

My creative vision and inspiration 

I am fascinated by intricate detail as well as strong simplicity of lines, I admire the structure and grace of corseted garments but marvel over the spirit of romantic bohemian dresses. I love the colour but equally, adore the purity of white and depth of black. I indulge in the tactile and visual properties of textiles.  Most of all, I seek a perfect fit that not only looks great but feels great. 

My design process is informed by trends, anchored in traditional styles and techniques and heavily inspired by nature, history, and world cultures. I cherish the opportunity to create unusual looks for those brides who don't conform to traditional western bridal aesthetics. Might it be a historic/retro influence, rich cultural background, a popular television show that you fell in love with or the alternative lifestyle that you are embracing? 

Beauty and inspiration are everywhere... 

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